Hellenic Mediterranean University participates in “INNODAYS 2023”

Hellenic Mediterranean University participates in “INNODAYS 2023”

With an eye on research and development, Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) participates in the “Innovation Days 2023 – The Crete of Knowledge and Production”, organized for the 2nd consecutive year by the Region of Crete under the auspices of the Ministry of Development & Investments and of the General Secretariat of Research & Innovation, during 24-26 November 2023 at the International Exhibition Center of Crete.

The event is considered very important in the field of entrepreneurship, as this year more than 160 companies, workshops, innovation hubs and cooperative formations are participating. The three university institutions of Crete, the Hellenic Mediterranean University, the University of Crete, the Technical University of Crete and the Institute of Technology and Research, are expected to have a distinct presence as academic bodies of research and know-how that drive innovation at the local level in collaboration with the services of public sector, local government services and private sector businesses. The Region of Crete and those participating in the organization do not hide their ambition, through the Innovation Days, for Crete to be able to establish itself as a pole for attracting investments both from the rest of Greece and from abroad.

Hellenic Mediterranean University participates in Innovation Days 2023 (https://innodays.gr/) with a single stand (Position B12) that will host 11 laboratories (see below), institutes and groups of the institution. The participation of the University is coordinated by the Technology Transfer and Innovation Unit of HMU.


Link Δημοσιεύματος: https://hmu.gr/